Designed around you

Coaching Package minimum 10 sessions
Session time: 60 minutes
Flexible option 15 minutes / 30 minute slots – pre-book

A combination of professional coaching techniques to identify limiting beliefs, cultivate personal goals, to achieve successful life work balance.
Coaching can transform, build resilience, adaptability and better coping skills.

Ignite creativity and passion
Workshop time: 60 minutes / 30 minutes

Workshops provide a practical approach, to heal, transform and liberate the senses. In a group setting there’s plenty of opportunity to share life experiences and knowledge in the field, as well as identify and discuss problems, develop solutions, build friendships, common interests and goals. Workshops are an excellent way to challenge oneself beyond one’s comfort zone, develop personal skills, creativity and make wellbeing a way of life.

  • Successful work-life balance
  • Empowerment for professional women
  • Public speaking
  • Coaching techniques for better business and communications
  • Resilience and adaptability
  • Stretch your comfort zone
  • Inspire, recreate, excel
  • Art and innovation
  • The creative in you
  • Metaphysics and innovation
  • Pluralism – business success
  • Developing clarity through meditation, music and poetry
  • Healthy state of mind
  • Mindfulness and candle art
  • Creative confidence
  • Writing for wellbeing
  • Stress to passion
  • Working in a stressful environment better coping techniques
  • Networking and communications

Motivational Speakers

Extraordinary and inspirational
Speaker time: 10 minutes / 15 minutes/ 30 minutes

We bring inspirational speakers and mentors into the workplace, who have overcome extraordinary challenges, in their lives.
Their immense insight and life skills are invaluable and draws attention to man’s
ability not only to survive but defeat the odds.
Motivational speakers and mentors can inspire self-belief which is a catalyst for change, good health and better performance.

  • Transform and overcome limited beliefs
  • Negative to positive thinking for success
  • Social responsibility in the workplace and outreach
  • Living a meaningful life
  • Fear to confidence
  • Successful work life balance
  • Women, emotions and passion
  • Empowering business women
  • Building a high-performance culture
  • Stress to passion


Wellbeing Workplace and Individual Solutions

Building capacity and empowering the workforce

With mental health issues at work on the rise and days off impacting productivity, performance and cost, more and more businesses are integrating coaching, workshops and motivational speakers, to improve coping strategies, build resilience and adaptability. There is an increasing demand for wellbeing services in the workplace, due to an ever-shifting business dynamic, brought on by globalisation, the knowledge economy, skill shortages, resources, financial fluctuations and the uncertainties of Brexit. Employees are operating in an increasingly stressful, competitive and complex international marketplace and more and more businesses are recognising the need to integrate wellbeing services to improve the performance of their workforce.

Coaching and group workshops on wellbeing and personal development, work effectively and in conjunction, to empower the workforce, shift perspective and cultivate positive attitudes, through successful work life balance. Regular coaching sessions and workshops, have so many health benefits, improving mental, emotional and physical wellness, as well as increasing workplace intelligence and coping strategies.

At the centre of our coaching or workshops, we believe in nurturing a state of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, conducive to achieving personal success. Healing and transformation, starts with a healthy state of mind, from which everything can flourish. In an effort to support clients make breakthroughs, identify personal challenges and overcome them, we have developed a method that addresses the skillset, creative intellect and mind-set.

There are so many benefits to integrated coaching sessions and workshops during lunch hours/breaks/before or after work. The little and often approach to wellbeing, will improve energy and personal development, but it will also help co-workers to interact better and collectively. It will enhance a positive workplace culture, employees will feel valued; a greater willingness, to provide more of themselves, often above and beyond, what is required of them.

Book a Half Day or Full Day Wellbeing Package

Half day: 3 hours
Full day: 5 hours
Includes appetizers
Morning and afternoon slots available

Book a full Day or half day of coaching, workshops and motivational speakers, once a month or quarterly to keep the momentum, reinforce wellbeing and key messages. This is a good way to reenergise and refocus, good for maintaining a sense of purpose, reinstating the business vision and reaffirming goals.

Build a Bespoke Wellbeing Package for Your Business

We can create a bespoke wellbeing business package, assess and identify key issues or industry challenges and create a tailor-made coaching programme and series of workshops with original content and techniques, to address specific problems and goals, with your organisation or business in mind. Please contact us to book an appointment to discuss your requirements and how we can help