All of our staff at Journey Holistics are mental health first-aiders. We are very fortunate to have been trained by Nick Wilson. Nick also wrote this great article for us.


Mental Health is a hot topic and has been gradually growing in exposure over the past couple of years, although it has been widely impacting organisations for decades. So why the sudden interest and since its been around for so long with businesses still succeeding globally, why is now the time to spend more of your limited budgets on Mental Health Training?

The cost of work related mental ill health to UK employers each year is £34.9Billion, with 60% of UK employees experiencing a mental ill health issue due to work, where work was a contributing factor and the estimated annual cost for an employee to have time off due to mental ill health is: £2,053 per employee.

The facts are there to support the theory, that it is a sound business decision to invest in the mental wellbeing of your employees, leading to a reduction in business costs within the areas of recruitment, retention, absenteeism and presenteeism, with an increase in productivity and morale. When looking into which budget you will need to gain the finances from to invest, there are elements of mental health within, Leadership & Development, Resilience, Teamwork, Personal and Professional Development, Wellbeing and even CSR. 

Do not over complicate things though, generally people simply require a better understanding of mental health as a subject, it’s terminology, what elements make up mental health and from a workplace wellbeing point of view, how does it all come together? This can be provided by yourselves initially and does not need to cost you much financially, if at all in the first instance. Before you do anything though, make a plan, even if it is a rough outline. You do not need to know anything about mental health, before you can make a plan and it is the one area where so many businesses currently, are making a mistake that costs them financially and ultimately leads to ineffective wellbeing strategies.

Working in line with our business model for Workplace Mind Wellness, specifically P.I.P.R, at Working Minds Matter, we have adopted a Three-Tiered pyramid approach to the Training provided. It must be remembered that Mental Health is individual, there is no ‘one cap fits all’ solution to Training people in the subject of Mind Wellness within the workplace and as such any training you invest in must have flexibility in mind.

When you are looking into the type of mental health training that is around and what might be suitable for yourselves, then we would highly recommend you think of one or more of the following, for various key personalities within your organisation;

  • Self-Awareness, Self-Care, Self-Help
  • Resilience, Rapport, Active Listening
  • Mind Wellness Ambassador
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

New for 2019 is our Mind Wellness Ambassador one day course. The course provides a better understanding of Mental Health combined with the necessary skills to recognise possible signs and symptoms in themselves or others, the confidence to initiate a conversation at the appropriate time and empowered to provide the right information to someone in need, holding the relevant skills to be an effective listener and able to effectively liaise with the qualified Mental Health First Aider where necessary.

As an Ambassador of Mental Health, and on completion of this course, the attendee’s will be provided with a ‘Mind Wellness Ambassador’ wristband. This is to raise awareness of Mental Health within your organisation, whilst driving employee engagement at a low level that is very non-intrusive. The band also signifies to others, the individual wearing it has received Mental Health training and is open to being approached when someone is in need of support or simply someone to talk to.

As ever, take care of those around you, but also, please take care of yourselves!