Strategies for a better sleep

In a society that is functioning 24 hours per day, it is time to take sleep off the ‘back burner’ and start to prioritise this important bodily function that we all take for granted. ‘strategies for a better sleep’ is a 2-hour workshop that is developed for companies to help their employees by looking after their well-being and giving them tools to aid their sleep and help them be the best they can be.

At Journey Holistics we take well-being in the workplace very serious. We recognise that sleep is one of the most undervalued resources available to us and the impact it has on our health when we fail to get the right amount of sleep. It changes personalities, it opens us up more to accidents in the workplace and has a huge impact on our physical and mental health.

‘strategies for a better sleep’ explores the myths and facts around getting a good sleep. This interactive workshop explains what is really going on when we go to sleep and we give helpful advice to help you develop better sleeping habits. The workshop identifies that shift workers are a target group that would benefit from these practical tips and we aim to provide some good guidelines to promote a positive attitude towards good quality sleep.

Also included in this workshop is a practical short sleep meditation for participants to take away and use if they choose.

Course content:
• What happens to our bodies when we sleep
• Myths and facts about sleep
• Benefits of a good night sleep
• Negatives of poor sleep
• Tips on getting better sleep
• Further information including sleep aids, sleep conditions and contributing factors
• Guided meditation with option to download for home use

This workshop can be adapted to be delivered to any size group who are interested in optimising their sleep